Las Cabadas 

At last, an overcast day. Not great for the photos, but much more conducive to climbing tricky routes.We went to Las Cabadas, a fairly minor crag and perhaps the least impressive we’ve been to on the trip so far. However it’s a real gem with interesting stratified rock and well bolted.

 Whether it was the rest day, the coolth or the friendly bolting, we both had a good day – Helen cruised another 6b redpoint…

…and I managed the two hardest routes at the crag – a 7a and a 7a+… all be it the 7a+ took a bit of working out to get the right sequence. 

…we’ve definitely earned today’s beer rations.

4 responses to “Las Cabadas 

  1. Dom, Is it me or are there no photographs to click on inside the boxes. Tom

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Dom, Something’s happened to the photos in your recent posts: The pictures are just appearing as place marker icons. This is both on my elderly computer (Vista) and also my phone. A pity cos I like the photos.

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