Teverga – Spanish climbing’s best kept secret? 

​A couple of hours drive west, and running south from the city of Oviedo, the Valles de Trubia are home to the two most important climbing ares in Asturias. Our first stop is Teverga, which not only has a huge selection of crags and almost 500 routes, but also has free camping complete with toilets and a shower!

Everyone we’ve met here has been really taken with the place, many of them Spanish and on their first visit just like us. There really is more rock than you can shake a stick at. From tufas to slabs and caves to big walls, there’s plenty of variety too.

The climbing machine, formerly known as Helen, made stylish ascents of a couple of 6bs 

And I did my 

route of the trip so far with a sinew shredding 50m 7a – that felt like a very long way in one run-out.

…time for another rest day and a chance for Helen to catch up with her yoga in the van.

One response to “Teverga – Spanish climbing’s best kept secret? 

  1. Dom this looks fantastic. We are in Turkey at present so will look in detail when we have a big screen! (And make notes!)
    We are leaving UK early Jan and having a week accom from 7th. The 3 weeks working South. We fly home for a fortnight 2-16 Feb then a further month or so wherever! Couple of days in Tangiers at some point.

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