​The other crag recommended in La Rioja is Anguilano. Like Clavio, this dominates the eponymous village, but rather than a conglomerate muffin it offers a huge swathe of clean-cut slab running for hundreds of metres along the hillside. 

This exposed bedding plane in the limestone has been tilted to an angle of about 70 to 80 degrees, giving great climbing in the low 6s through to low 7s, with the difficulty depending on local steepening and texture. 

Like many easily accessible crags, as soon as you are away from the road-end, any hint of polish disappears – and this crag stretches over numerous sectors. Plenty to go at, though we’ll aim to return when it is cooler as we were in “jostling for the shade behind a bush” mode. Some might see that as a “first world problem” 😉

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