Navarra and a trip to San Fausto

​After our whistle stop tour of the best couple of crags in La Rioja we passed through Navarra and the city of Pamplona on our way to our rendezvous with Jim in the Pyrenees. There are a bunch of interesting looking climbing areas in Navarra, but we only have time to explore one on the way, and choose San Fausto. One of the attractions is the free camping area set aside for climbers by the local village of Eraul. It is a great reflection of the good relationship between climbers and local communities in Spain that there are so many such arrangements, and perhaps also related to there being so much space – but I can’t see it happening at Stanage. 

All the routes we did were excellent, with “No Ordinari Love” being a really outstanding 6a+, really entertaining and sustained at the grade. We also managed a rarity in ticking the hardest route at the crag – a pretty straightforward 6c. We’ll certainly make a return trip to check out the other sectors and some of the trickier routes.

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