Back on the Road – Morata de Jalon 

After 24hrs on the ferry, and an overnight stop in the car park of a wildlife park near Santander   (complete with elephants! ) we woke to dazzling sunshine and a light frost. Time to head to the crag!

We decided to get a few km under the belt whilst it warmed up 400km actually ) and got to Morata de Jalon near Zaragoza by early afternoon. After a bit of an adventure on tiny farm tracks we finally found the crag. What a great spot

About 400 routes set alongside a meandering river – some just a minute from the car. A friendly group of Spanish Sunday climbers, but otherwise deserted. 

The climbing is great – or at least the 4 routes we squeezed in. Generally sharp pockety rock with a broad range of grades. Definitely one to come back to. 

Then back on the road for another 250km and a campsite near Valencia. Tucked up just 2 hours from the Costa Blanca with 4 routes under the belt and only 36hrs since leaving Portsmouth. 

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