Bovedon and Bovedin

We teamed up with Keefe and Tansie, Justin and Chris and Keith and Fiona for a two crag day. I drew the short straw and climbed on the unrelenting steepness of Bovedon with Keefe ; -)  Nothing like playing to your strengths, eh…. Actually, Keefe pointed me at the solitary suitable route – SN9, 7a, a steep and technical groove followed by some jug hauling up easier territory. Other than that I made a two-rest ascent of the outstanding Bovedóna that traverses the lip of the main cave – supposedly 6b+, and a failed tussle with Farrear y Corbardes 7b – another awesome  traverse into even more uncompromising territory. Must get stronger….

Further along the escarpment the rest of the team were enjoying the sun and newly developed routes. Helen onsighted another 6a to keep the momentum going, and she and Tansie were so keen we had to haul them off the crag before it went completely dark!

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