Sella – sector Bear and Doggy 

We first visited Sella almost 30 years ago, when it had only just come to the attention of the climbing world through an article in Desnivel. A wilderness experience of outstanding climbing on virgin rock in a beautiful spot. The intervening years have seen a lot of traffic and change, and many of the original routes are getting a bit tired, and there’s often a crowd. Fast forward, and thanks to two recently developed sectors we spent a Groundhog Day bit of time travel back to the 90s.

The two new sectors have been opened up by a team from the Orange House  (thanks, Rich et al) and have a great spread of grades from 5s to 7s. Here are a couple of pics of Chris and Justin. 

Highlights for me were a couple of 7a/+s up very thin slabs on goute d’eau pockets – tricky but fun at the moment, but likely to be much tougher in a few years. 

More importantly, Helen continued her recuperation with a lead of a 6a. Looking good after less than a week. 

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