La Parra – Almeria 

Waking to rain in Calpe, it was obvious that the weather front had arrived a day early – time to leave town and head south. Fresh snow on top of the Ponoch, where we’d been climbing in T-shirts only a couple of days ago suggested things were getting chilly. The forecast everywhere was grim, but less so the further south we looked – Almeria, in Andelucia, here we come! 

Next morning, as we shivered on the sea front at La Parra, having caught up with Justin and Chris,  duvet on over belay jacket, we wondered if it had been worth the drive.

The climbing looked like Horseshoe Quarry by the sea and it was officially freezing. 

However, You Either Climbed Today, Or You Didn’t, and the routes turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable – more like Swanage than Spain – flaky and a bit friable. Might even be worth a return trip if we’re passing – but only if the sun is shining. 

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