Rucksack Club SunRock Meet – Sella, Costa Blanca

We’re staying at Finepark, a collection of bungalows near Finestrat. With views up to the Puig Campana, looming above, its hard to believe we’re only a few km from the coast and the flesh pots of Benidorm.


The crag rendezvous for the arrival day was Sella – only half an hour away and on the way from the airport. Helen, Chris, Hamish, Spuz and I formed an advanced party and then other early-birds drifted in (impressively keen after a 3am start!) The only thing we were missing was the sun!


Nick and Ade



I managed to cause amusement with my ‘Acrobatic Pig’ impression, falling off Porcine Acrobatico.


Acrobatic Pig impression

With the sun finally arriving as we were winding down, we could at least congratulate ourselves on having got the climbing part of the meet underway. Back at Base, most of the rest of the team had arrived – 36 of us in all, and we managed to find a great little restaurant to squeeze us all in. Bokado in Finestrat if you get the chance.



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