SunRock the cartoon strip

Rather than a blog,  Jim has been  keeping his record of the trip in scribble form in a notebook, including some brilliant cartoons. I’d do the same if only I had a fraction of the talent. I thought they deserved a wider audience. …

One response to “SunRock the cartoon strip

  1. Hey well done Jim –

    Looks like we’ve just found a ‘back up’ if / when our Meetstaff Cartoonist has to ‘Hang Up’ his pencil..

    I’ll copy this in to the new Editor who can keep you ‘on file’……..

    Ironic this months issue won’t have any cartoons…… so that’s why I’ve cotton’d on to this ‘new talent’…..

    Hi Netty – Not suggesting anything……. BUT this Jim Bloke looks like worth keeping an eye on….

    Best regards – Ass ED ‘Rucksack Club’ publishing…… Payne

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