After almost 30 years of climbing on the Costa Blanca, any news of a new crag is worth exploring. Many of these ventures end up in disappointment, with numerous u-turns followed by bushwacking and little to show for it. This one came up trumps.

Tucked away amongst almond groves, high up in the hinterland towards Castle de Castells, this crag has something for everyone. Only 20 routes, but a lower wall provides  some 5s with 6a+ extensions, then a vertical orange wall on right gives mid 6s and 7as and a tufa-strewn upper wall is home to trickier 7s and 8s.

With it being a secret crag, we were surprised to find a couple of other teams already there. But not as surprised as the Cumbrian lads who’d come seeking peace and quiet after yesterday’s outing to Alcalali had been disrupted by 30 Rucksackers! Sorry Paul and Ross! 

We didn’t really disturb the other team – a couple of strong Aussies Matt and Lucy on their 8b and 7c projects! 

Routes of the day for me  were Tercero Nacional, 6c up an orange pockety crack, and Zombie Weekend, 7b, one of the ‘easier’ routes on the steep bit.

Back at base, we managed to squeeze all 35 of us (minus Chris who headed off early) into the big house for a ‘last supper’ of paella  prepared by a couple of local caterers in 2 huge pans.

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