Bovedos – or more like Bovedoesn’t

Further along the hillside from Bovedon lives it’s little brother Bovedos. Just a couple of dozen routes, but a very impressive chunk of upside-down land.

We met up with Keefe and Tansy on our rest day , and we got a rough idea of what’s on offer. 

The main attractions are a bunch of monster tufa roof climbs in the 7c+ to 8b+ range, ie way beyond my pay grade! Here’s  Keefe making short work of an 8a

There are also a couple of nasty looking short 6c/7a routes on the right hand side and a couple of very new and snappy 7a/b’s on the wall left of the main cave. All of which begs the question ‘why did we bother going back?’….

Well, there’s also a good 6b, a very good but tricky 7a and an improbable 7b through the huge roof – and that’s pretty much what we went to try.

This didn’t look like such a smart plan as we arrived at this ‘secret’ crag to find three other teams already in situ, with much the same hit list. Happily, everyone was very friendly and I had the added bonus of the clips in for the 7a and 7b. Not that it helped much as I slipped off on the last move of the former, and ran out of juice about halfway up the latter. Both great routes though, and Helen stormed the 6b so it wasn’t completely a case of Bovedon’t 

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