Montanejos – Caverna Magica and Mazmorras

With a lovely sunny day in prospect we decided to check out some of the climbing on the road out of Montanejos towards Montan. Caverna Magical is in a very pretty spot, with views over almond groves covered in spectacular pink blossom. 

Unfortunately, being a twisty and scenic road with a recent coat of asphalt, it was home to countless Sunday bikers – colourful but not conducive to a peaceful day! Whether it was the climbing, which didn’t really inspire, or the fact that I wasn’t feeling 100%, but after a few routes we decided to make it two crag day with a visit to Mazmorras about half a mile up the road. 

There were only about four routes in the guidebook but clearly a load more development had taken place since 2007, yielding some excellent climbing on fun featured rock – about 15 lines up to 35m from 6a to 6c+. Spirits were lifted considerably. Updated topo at 

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