Jerica – Sector Huajolotes

We’ve caught up with Justin and Chris again (or rather they’ve caught us up having nipped home for a couple of weeks) and we decided to embrace the sunshine on the sunny side of Jerica. 

It had been absolutely rammed when we’d been there on Saturday, but mid week we just had a German couple for company. A fab piece of rock which sadly is paying the price for its easy access and popularity with a showing of polish, especially on the easier routes. Interestingly, successive topos have tried to reflect this by upgrading many of the routes – three iterations for example boosting a 5+ to a 6a then a 6a+. Anyway, it didn’t detract from some great routes in a picturesque setting. 

A number of routes have second pitches, which are far less travelled, and the guidebook gives generous grading for linking these ‘in a oner’ eg Agua de nayo 6c+ linked with Capital de Las envidas 6b+ makes Envida de Nayo 7a+! Result! Who am I to argue? 🙂 

A grand day out, worth celebrating with a slap-up meal in the campsite bar. 3 courses of pretty decent nosh plus coffee for about a tenner.

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