Back to the Dragon’s Labyrinth 

With a warm day in prospect, the combination of early sun then shade on El Labarinto de los Dragones looked like a good bet, and Chris and Justin were keen to sample the climbing here too.

‘Baby Dragon’ turned out to be a stiff warm up at 6b and a good introduction to the trickier routes.

Moving rightwards, it was slightly vertiginous on the ‘Passarella’ boardwalk that has been constructed to access the bulk of the new routes here, but well worth the effort – a couple of dozen outstanding lines from 6c to 7b+. Brutally sharp finger pockets on the last few metres put paid to my attempt at Tavi-ba-basababa but Sonando con el toladro proved more amenable. Both excellent. 

Also nice to have other people around to break the diet of endless bum-shots that you get when there’s only two of you! 

The shade arrived with a bit of a breeze, so we simply switched sides to Las Mazmorras. Here’s Helen leading Licencia para equipar, a 25m 6a

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