Montanejos – Laberinto de Los Dragones 

We spotted this awesome piece of rock just across the gorge when we were climbing at Mazmorras.

Checking our guide there looked to be half a dozen routes at the left hand end. Hard to make out in the afternoon shade, but there seemed to be some kind of walkway along the base. A bit of googling and an updated topo revealed 30 routes spread across the whole width of the crag, accessed by wooden staging. With a name like that and some great looking lines, it was time to visit The Labyrinth of the Dragons!

Really cool climbing, fun dragon-themed names and some improvised access arrangements all make for a great spot. 

For a first installment, Helen did El karma de Yasmina 6b

…and I managed Me anamore de un Bombera  7a/+ something like ‘I’m in love with a fireman’! 

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