Torralba – a rest day recce

Using a damp forecast for a much needed rest day, we headed north into Aragon and Zaragoza province, with a slight detour to check out Torralba. Trusting to GPS we drove the last 20km over a pancake-flat plateau, passing dried salt lakes, with an increasing feeling of ‘where can this crag be?’ Only as we turned onto a dirt track in the tiny village, and started to wind down into a dry river bed, did we start to believe we were on the right track  (literally).


The track turned into the GR24 footpath,  so I decided to run the last couple of miles as a precaution – but these turned out to be quite driveable, even without 4wd. You finally emerge in a tight gorge between orange cliffs at a bothy-style refugio, surrounded by cragging.



They even provide a topo – how considerate!


By now it was starting to rain, so just time to jog back to the van before the skies opened. One to come back for – lovely remote setting and climb-where-you-camp convenience

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