Etxauri recce and San Fausto saves the day

Etxauri IS the premier crag in Navarra, and we’d saved it for a fitting finale as our last day’s cragging on this trip. Imagine our disappointment as we woke to rain (not the first time we’ve been jinxed for a trip to this crag) and even more so as we pulled into the parking.


Nice of them to supply a sign to show you what it SHOULD look like!


It really is an awesome spot with almost a thousand routes in a commanding position. …but not in the kind of penetrating mizzle that soaks and saps the spirit with equal efficiency.  We couldn’t even muster the enthusiasm to walk up for a look. 😦

It was looking like our last day would be a damp squib washout, ironic as I don’t think we’d had a single day in the last two months when we COULDN’T have climbed  (though a few when it wouldn’t have been much fun! )

We decided to make the 30 minutes drive to San Fausto, to at least recce one or two of the other sectors  (we had a great day there on Prehistorico back in November).

It was threateningly black overhead, but not actually raining, so Helen went for a recce and reported that Sector Akerzulo was not only dry but also looked excellent.


…and so it proved, with 30 to 40m routes on heavily featured pockety rock – really fun climbing  (all be it always with an eye out for the next big rain cloud).

We were even joined by a couple of locals – proving that we weren’t being completely daft.



Plenty more to come back for, though we may need to put some work in beforehand if we want to sample the neighbouring sector


One response to “Etxauri recce and San Fausto saves the day

  1. Hi D en H – See you are still managing to find some wy stuff and keeping the ‘posts’ going…….. Looks like all’s well for ya.

    Payne’s back in town………. bad / disappointing news………… No sign of the Journal………. will have words later. No action taken.

    Meanwhile skiing “Magical’ super snow, sun, supping. Catcha on return.

    Payne and Frey, Bel Alp, above Blatten, Rhone Valley, overlooking the end of the Aletschia Glacier 2017.

    Looks like it’s been a successful trip for ya. Presuming from post you’ll be home shortly……… Sure Roe and I have driven passed this escarpment years ago…….. There were Eagles sailing along the edge…………… Payne

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