Penartea – heading into Navarra

There’s a lot of rock in Navarra, just like the rest of Spain, and a fair bit of climbing concentrated around Pamplona. We’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecast, hoping to spend a few days exploring and climbing on our way north. Forecasts of strong winds and showers weren’t what we had in mind, but when’s that ever stopped us?
Penartea isn’t the premier crag of Navarra, but we figured that being situated in a valley might offer some protection from the wind…



This hope wasn’t completely in vain, but it was still pretty chilly – another bunch of photos where you shouldn’t let the blue sky fool you!


The climbing is somewhat reminiscent of the Alpilles in Provence – grey and slabby on rounded lumpy cliffs. A pretty spot, but not our favoured style, and with a dose of polish thrown in  (much like the aforementioned Alpilles!)


Anyway, we managed a respectable number of respectable routes…


…and figured we’d earned a trip to the cafĂ©.


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