Alaro – A return match with Buf!

The towering cliffs behind the village of Alaro host some fabulous routes including a candidate for perhaps the best selection of tufas to be found anywhere.


Another hour’s drive and numerous zigzags to cover a few direct miles, and an error strewn march up through the bush found us eventually at sector chorreras. For Jake this was an opportunity to tick another couple of Mallorca’s top 50, but for me it was round 3 of a 20 year grudge match with one of these – Buf, 7a. What a crappie name for possibly a the best tufa on the planet? Two previous attempts had both ended in a heartbreaking slump at around the 29m mark of this 30m route šŸ˜¦ Would it be third time Lucky or out for the count?

First Jake popped the clips in (he does have some uses!)



Then I pulled the rope (in lieu of a warm up) and set off for a major tufa tussle! After a bunch of “watch mes” and some cunning back and foot rests I was back at the high point of my two previous attempts, almost eye-level with the belay, a bomber jam for my right hand, a poor crimp for my left and a slippery smear for my right foot. A final “watch me” and with the last dregs of strength I stood up and clipped the chain. Happy days and the end of a 20 year project!


Well worth celebrating with a slap up meal at Luna 37 on our final night together with the full team on this trip.


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