Valdemossa – the perfect airport day crag

A week has flown by and it’s time for the kids to head back home, so it’s Dad’s Cabs for the next couple of days. Jake and Leah are off first so we need an easily accessible crag with a mix of grades. Valdemossa fits the bill…


Doesn’t get much more roadside than that! The classic 6a Suphi really is an outstanding route. Jake made it a 3xTop 50 day by also ticking the 6c Sostre de Buritet and 7a val de mega.

… In fact another one bit the dust as we popped into S’Estrett on the way home for Leah to do this great 5a


Meanwhile, Helen Tash and Ollie also went to S’Estrett and had a great day including yet another top 50 Passion Interminable. 5 in all for the day!

Between us we’ve made quite a dent in the Top 50 ticklist.

Having chauffeured Jake and Leah to the Airport and with Ollie getting himself there, we were just left with Tash to enjoy a final day – now with a car loaded with all our worldly goods Valdemossa came up trumps again for max crag side security.


Not to mention an opportunity for Helen and Tashy to venture into upside-down land on the remarkably amenable (though still nails for 5c!) Dali


… And not to be outdone by Jake…


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