Ghost Kitchen 

With a few routes under our belts, and confirmation that my dodgy hand  is at least permitting some climbing, we decide to sample some of Kalymnos’ biggest attraction – it’s tufa time! 

The centre piece of Ghost Kitchen is an impressive tufa strewn cave:

Axium used to get 7a+ (in easier times) but has suffered the indignity of a downgrade to 6c+ in the latest guide (there’s been a fair bit of that going on!). Regardless of the grade, it’s a stunning and somewhat improbable line up a huge tufa… 

… with a sit down rest on a giant limestone mushroom (more phallic than fungus if you ask me) at about 3m from the top. That just leaves a big heave on some tufa blobs to make it to the chains. 

Further left the crag turns into a pockety heaven and Helen did the outstanding 6a Absent Friends and I had a decent stab at N7, a cruxy 7a.

Even without the climbing, the views from here are gorgeous. 

A grand day out and fully deserving of a beer to savour the sunset. 

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