A grey day needn’t be bad news – especially if you want to climb on an otherwise too sunny crag. Today’s gloom prompted a look at Panorama, the sector of the main Massouri crags running to the right of the Grande Grotte.


Impressive rock architecture with plenty of tufas to play with, though not much in the way of easier routes. We warmed up on the good but tough Eureka.


Then the very good but really tough La vie selon gege 6b and the excellent but really really tough Uncle Ernie – a candidate for one of the trickier 6bs I’ve done. In between times I had a decent effort on bye bye Felix, only to be stopped by a wet tufa and then the inability to pull with my right hand. 😦

Proof, if it was needed, that a) climbing with one hand is harder than with two, b) not all Kalymnos grades are soft touch or c) both!

However, the goats seem to manage ok – here’s one posing in front of the Grande Grotte


One response to “Panorama

  1. HaHa, don’t you just love it when a goat so easily walks along a slope you have to tie into and search for crimps! They do it with four hooves and I struggle with my opposable thumbs 🙂

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