Secret Garden

This really is a tremendous spot for a hot day. You approach by hiking up to a ridge line above the road, from where you get great views of the sea, but no obvious crag! Dropping down and traversing the hillside for about 10 minutes, the Secret Garden comes into view, shady until about 5pm, set above the sparkling sea and with nothing but distant Isles to interrupt the view.


The entry grade is pretty stiff, and though we enjoyed a couple of the warm ups at the left hand side of the crag, the main attraction kicks in at about 6c. There are tufas aplenty, and also some crimpier wall climbs, and all at the perfect climbing temperature (helped by a gentle breeze which also kept the humidity under control).


The coolth certainly helped my climbing, and I continued in the 7a groove with (happily inappropriately named) Crisis and Melodrama 🙂 here’s a shot of the adjacent routes to get a feel for the style.


The only downsides are the uphill walk home, and the infestation of over friendly goats!


The nearest bar for post climb refreshments is in the postcard-lovely bay of Palionisos – a nice place to drop anchor!


Just time to take in the sunset on the drive home…


… before heading out on a desperate search to find a bar with the football on the telly. I’d just sat down when Pogba’s goal went in, and once Mykataryan made it 2 I even managed to enjoy the second half.


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