Prophet Andreas

We woke to the dreadful news from Manchester – sometimes you wonder if the “connected everywhere always” paradigm is really the way forward. It seems very strange to be in this sunny bubble, a thousand miles from home, when something so terrible has happened in our own back yard. It’s a weird reason to feel homesick, but I’m certainly missing the sense of community.

Meanwhile, back to “work”. With the forecast set fair for a few days, at 23C and unbroken blue skies, it’s time to either go high or go shady. Prophet Andreas offers altitude, set at about 450m above the sea and accessed from above via a winding road (strewn with rock debris caused by yesterday’s flash flooding in the thunderstorm). Forget the climbing, the views alone are worth the visit.


We warmed up on the very good Chima Piccolo, a 40m 6a with just enough looseness to remind you of its more famous namesake.

Then on to the route of the crag…


Another 40m offering, given 7a, and while there aren’t really any desperate moves there’s certainly a lot of climbing – crimpy edges and mini blobs, with (almost) always the vestige of a foothold to take most of the weight off your arms (and importantly for me, my hand!) Outstanding route, though I’m not pretending to be unbiased – it was a real relief to finally put an end to my 7a drought! Helen made a good stab at following it too.


Having just snuck that one in with the sun dappling the wall (and getting annoyingly in the corner of the eye), Helen kindly put the clips in the adjacent route Helleni 7a+ which I managed in the full sun. Happy days!

Helen rounded off the day with a lead of the tricky Damocles…


… and we beat a retreat before being scorched to dust!

Here’s my sun avoidance outfit


Not a great look, which I put down to two packing errors. Forgot my sun hat (hence tshirt on head) and Shaver charger (hence furry face).

All scrubbed and showered for a quiet evening in the idyllic setting of Emporious.


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