“The ultimate point of reference in Kalymnos”, or so says the guide. With a hundred routes, including the island’s hardest, it’s certainly a crag I felt compelled to visit (though not for the 9a!) despite a reputation for some tired routes and old school grading. Bits of it stay in the shade until 4ish, which is a bonus.


Having had a fairly restful day yesterday, I threw myself at the crag with a vengeance, and it proceeded to throw me straight back off! Fairly dismal failures on a couple of 7a+s and a 7a 😦   Island in the sun – excellent, Elies, fun 6c+ish to stopper top moves and Fouska – short, steep and nasty. Why did I even try? Here’s the view from the back of the Fouska cave


For fans of 80s pop, “Use It Up and Wear It Out” by Odyssey got to No. 1 in 1980. I certainly felt used up and worn out. Time to find some routes that play more to my strengths…

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