Rest day research

We’ve been here 10 days and climbed each day – I wouldn’t say we’ve done ten days climbing (a few gentler sessions and half days) but we probably should have a rest. Luckily, nature agreed and intervened where our self-discipline hadn’t. BIG RAIN AND THUNDERSTORMS this morning!



In the circumstances we did what all climbers do in the rain – head for a sulky mooch around the nearest gear shop!

The deluge stopped around noon and by early afternoon the rock was steaming dry. Having taken the hint and decided against inflicting more pain on a bruised and battered body (not to mention ego) I decided to spend a couple of hours wandering along the main crags above Massouri to recce options for the rest of our trip.


We’re not going to run out of routes! Plenty of things to add to my ticklist on Poets, Iianis, Kalydna, Panorama and Spartacus to name but a few.

Meanwhile, the post-storm light is making for great photos.


And a great meal at the Aegean Taverna just opposite our apartment has us fully refuelled for tomorrow.


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