Back to the Valley

… Not THAT Valley, but the Arginonta Valley. A nice shady spot for Mike and Heidi’s last day, and near the road in case of the possibility of a storm later.

Others had the same idea – it was busy!



Helen had a few recommendations from Chris on her ticklist, so we set about ticking them off…

Alani, 6a+, a really long route using the full height of the crag.



Here's Heidi on Alani

Thunder Road, 6b and no harder than Alani


And Le Bleu de Ciel 6b+, excellent and no pushover – probably Helen’s best onsight to date.  🙂


Time for a bite to eat, and out of nowhere the first huge raindrop had fallen. This was followed by a few more and accompanying sound and lights show as a thunderstorm sneaked up on us from over the top of the crag. Within minutes we were drenched and thoughts of sitting it out had been abandoned in favour of a speedy soggy retreat!

Driving the 5 miles back to Massouri it was remarkable how localised the storm had been. Roads were dry just a couple of miles away and it was roasting back at our pad. Perfect drying weather (and just as well!)


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