Poets and Iianis

I’d parked sector Poets into the “if we run out of other crags” bucket, as we’d guessed that being one of the first to be developed and nearest to town it would be polished and busy. My recce encouraged me to test these presumptions with an actual visit, and we weren’t disappointed.


With well over a hundred routes, mostly in the 6s, there’s plenty to go at. The far right of the crag is newly developed and Helen added Mpyra to her growing collection of 6b onsights.


Moving left onto the main sector, I’d spotted a couple of attractive looking lines on my recce trip:


Hipponax and Ione, both 7a+ but very much in my style of sustained crimping, and I was chuffed to do them both. Hipponax is the better route: brand new, and a soft touch at this grade. Ione is somewhat tougher and struggles to find independence from the route next door so feels a bit artificial.

Moving further left you get to the characteristic capping roof where Helen got lucky and found the draws in Styx 6a+ and then lead Ete Indian, another 6a+.


I rounded off a 3x7s day with Sens Unique, an outstanding 7a on sector Iianis, just around the corner. Steep but not stupidly so it weaves its way for 40m through very impressive yellow territory; never easy but never desperate. Probably my favourite route of the trip so far.

Helen went one better with her 4th lead of the day at 6a+ or harder! …and Oreads 6b was no soft touch!

Totally toasted, we were the last off the crag after an excellent day all round. From my perspective, a good return from my day off yesterday – not so much for the rest, though I’m sure it doesn’t hurt, but for recceing three routes that I really liked the look of.

Seafood pasta all round at Prego to celebrate.


2 responses to “Poets and Iianis

  1. Go Helen go good girl guess Dominic din’t do too bad either good day by all.Envious am I or what.

    • Cheers Keith 🙂 Good day indeed, making up for a couple of unproductive tussles earlier in the week! Maybe catch up with at the Gogarth BBQ? it’s 17 June this year, so might not clash with your usual lakes do….

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