The Beach – last day on Kalymnos

It was the last day of the trip so we decided to head to the beach. “What, no climbing? ” I hear you say. Don’t be daft – The Beach is a crag on the beach, apparently the only one in Kalymnos…. and what a great spot! 

Over on the right side of the crag there’s a fantastic calcite wall with a striking 5c up it, Karpousi. 

This made for a great warm up. 

The next choice could have been to move right for the awesome looking Octopus up a massively overhanging crack and weighing in at 7b+, but common sense prevailed and instead we did the route to the left – TomBoy 6c on more (smaller)  calcite pockets and flakes. Great! 

We finished off with a really good 6b, Ciucca Bau on the main crag, and enjoyed it so much we decided to quit whilst we were ahead, and head for the beach (the seaside one this time!) 

… Then back for a last beer on the balcony, a final sunset over Telendos and dinner at the Aegean Taverna. 

Of course I mean “last of this trip.” I’m sure we’ll be back! 

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