Back home after 3 weeks climbing on Kalymnos, and you’d think I’d be fighting fit. However, an inflamed achilies (very Greek!) and a cold caught on the Jet2 germ tube flying home, and I’m wrecked. It would be annoying if it wasn’t lashing down.  Jim’s suggestion to go climbing was very much accepted with sociability rather than ambition in mind. “You choose the crag, I’m not fussed”… was probably a mistake as we arrived at a gloopy green Gardoms.  Jim made a battling ascent of Apple Arête 



I sketched my way up another 3* VS (they should reset those grade comparison charts – 7a on Kalymnos is no preparation for VS on damp grit!) and Jim finally demonstrated some good mountaineering judgement by Not trying Gardoms Unconquerable…


We rounded off a short day with a HS and headed for the pub, just as spits of rain arrived to make our escape respectable.


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