Once again, we got lucky with the weather. The “usual” slot for the Gogarth meet is sometime around 10th June but the tides weren’t great, so I pushed it back a week. Lucky escape, as we missed a battering from 50mph winds – imagine that at the bottom of Main Cliff…

As it was, it turned out gorgeous!


Helen and I had an Upper Tier classic E2 double bill on Saturday, with The Strand and Park Lane – Doomsville, a couple of stupendous lines, before an earlyish finish to get the barbies lit on the beach.


The rest of the team gradually drifted in and by 8ish the beach was full of around 60 Rucksackers and guests.



A major innovation this year was marshmallows, which went down a treat with the younger attendees…


Sunday turned out just as gorgeous, so we went for the gentler option of Castle Helen – a plan we shared with a bunch of other folks. Plenty of room.



We were joined on Lighthouse Arête by Collette, a fearless new member, who comfortably enjoyed a baptism of fire with her first Gogarth route.


Same time, same place, next year!

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