What a turnaround in the weather – it’s cracking the flags and just in time for the Wednesday evening meet at Millstone (we’d carefully timed our flight home to arrive way too late for Wormstones the previous Wednesday!)


A picnic atmosphere at the base of the crag, t-shirts and tops off, it feels like summer! I’m still nursing my cold, and am hobbling around like Long John Silver with man-flu. I’ve hacked the back off an old rock boot to try to avoid irritating my achiles, but it just serves to add insecurity to pain šŸ˜¦ Regardless of any discomfort, Great North Road has to be one of the best HVS in the Peak, and it was a lovely evening to enjoy it on.

Helen then did the tricky and crumbly Gim Crack and we both decided we’d earned a beer!

… Leaving John and Andy hard at it…


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