Val di Mello – cragging at Sasso Remenno

Jim and I are on a 10 day trip to the Alps, with a rough itinerary involving Val di Mello and the Bregaglia. Typical stormy alpine weather greets our arrival at Bergamo airport, and we stop over at an Airbnb before driving to VdM. With showers and possible thunderstorms forecasted, there’s no prospect of doing anything big, so we settle for a day’s cragging at Sasso Remenno. 


A great little spot, though not exactly what we came for… A hundred or so single pitch sports climbs up to 30m and across a range of grades, scattered around huge boulders (the main one laying claim to be the biggest in Europe at well over 100m square and 40m high – not sure quite how you define “boulder”)  The climbing itself is on heavily featured granite with slots, pockets and knobbles to break up bits of friction slab.  … and it’s in a lovely setting. 


Half a dozen routes, all 6a to 6bish, and the threatened storm has done little more than serve up light drizzle.


Time to find somewhere to kip for the night (Albergo Bucaneva fits the bill) before heading out to catch up with Jim, Jane and Dan at the Pizzeria Florrio – large beers and fine pizza all round!  



… only then does the storm break, dumping half an inch of rain overnight. 

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