La Caurga – Sirta, a sports climbing wind down 

With an airport day on the agenda we were looking for single pitch bolt clipping, near the road and not too far out of our way to Bergamo. 

This crag above the charming village of Sirta (not far from Val di Mello) fitted the bill, even having a built in topo!

Steep climbing on chiselled edges with plentiful bolts represented a welcome contrast to some of the recent runout slabs (but still didn’t stop me getting shut down on a 6c)

Pretty spot for a last day blast 

And after a leisurely gellati next to Lake Lecco we were safely checked in with hours to kill. Happily we stumbled across a sign that read “craft beer and pizza” and whiled away a pleasant hour in the best airport bar I’ve ever seen… 

Wall to wall craft beer with a dozen good brews on tap. Perfect end to a great trip. 

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