Creag an Amalaidh or Princess Cairn

Creag an Amalaidh is the extensive crag you see as you approach Golspie from the south, high above the A9.



The guide suggests a 20 minute approach, which seemed optimistic. It turned out to be wildly so! A major jungle thrash through chest deep bracken (Helen completely disappeared at times!) with no path apart from the occasional deer track. We finally slumped at the bottom of the crag almost an hour later!



We started on the two pitch Ithaca 5+, very straight forward and enjoyable first pitch, with the 2nd one an easier and slightly chossy extension which is worthwhile for the full 50m tick and the views from the top.


Then we did the “top 30” Sleekit which was excellent, making use of the positive square cut holds that glaciation has created from sawn-off pebbles – Helen’s first 6b onsight on home soil



It’s neighbour is also good but tougher, and we ticked a few more including The Moonlighting Meerkat 6c to make the most of the effort we’d expended in getting here, then retraced our steps (literally thanks to GPS) and got back to the van.

With a glorious evening in store we settled down to watch the antics of the dozens of seals basking and squabbling off the shore.



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