Another morning waking up in a pretty spot – the launching ramp at Mickel Ferry.



However, this one WAS a rainy day so we checked out Torboll. At first sight this is a scruffy, short, north facing dank wall above a bog. It does have on immediately obvious redeeming feature – there’s not much of a walk in!



… and actually the climbing is really good! Super steep and super juggy on sharp edges and pockets. A fun workout



We’d had a plan to call in on Kevin and Sue whilst we were north of the border, as they’d just moved to Sutherland, and we were amazed to find that they were only about 10 miles up the road! A couple of emails later and we were being given the tour of their palatial new pad before enjoying dinner with the family and catching up on news of their new lives, munro bagging and painting. They were surprised to learn that they’d unknowingly based themselves at the centre of Scotland’s sports climbing boom. Great hospitality – thanks! We’ll be back!

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