John o’Groats and Duncanby Head

We planned to climb at Latheronwheel (trad seacliff recommended by some locals we met at Creag Bheag) but it was showery. I went for a recce anyway…



… and got inspired, but absolutely soaked in the process. One to come back for. We decided on a rest day trundle up to JoG

We weren’t expecting much – fearing an over touristy “theme park” like Lands End. Actually, if you turn off to Duncanby Head, the actual NE tip a couple of miles south of JoG, you find a stunning and unspoilt headland.


… with stupendous views north to Orkney and Hoy


… and south to some impressive sea stacks and coastal scenery



John o’Groats itself is of course quite a tourist honey trap, but not in a bad way. Helen was queuing up for a selfie in front of the obligatory signpost, when a helpful bystander offered to take the picture. What are the chances that she’d bump into Andy, Gina and the kids!



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