Second time lucky, and after a drizzling start, we enjoyed a great day on Latheronwheel.


Even the approach is spectacular, down an easy gully to a dry zawn amidst four splendid stacks, and then skirting around a (barely) non-tidal ledge to the peninsula wall. A bit of head scratching to decipher the guidebook…


Then did Positive Mental Attitude VS 5a (odd grade for a pumpy and slightly friable route – felt more like HVS 4c). Steady and fun climbing until I pulled over the top to come face to face with this little fella…



Don’t be fooled by the cute ball of fluffy feathers – it’s filled with orange fishy puke which it can projectile vomit quite a distance, as I learned to my cost. 😦

Helen enjoyed it more, knowing that the fullmar had used up most of its ammo!

Next was another 3* route, the classic Don’t Think Twice, HVS with a really stiff pull through the roof.


Anxious moments topping out expecting another encounter, but careful reconnaissance enabled me to dodge the next nest. We finished off with Far East Arête – another fine route.
Definitely worth coming back for, perhaps after the nesting season…

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