More Moy

Heading back south we stopped in for some more Moy – a bit of unfinished business from the week before. Helen put in a really determined effort to lead Fighting Off The Vultures, a very sustained 6a+

Then we were back on the main Teaser Wall where I was chuffed to onsight Pulling On Pebbles 7a+ and the excellent Dark Side 6c, but The Fear at 7b+ proved to be somewhat beyond me! Great way to sign off our visit to this fantastic conglomerate playground and we’ll certainly be visiting again. 

We decided to make the most of a gorgeous evening to take the scenic route over the Cairngorms aiming for a secluded overnight parking spot just north of Montrose. We were somewhat surprised to find a dozen folks there with binoculars and cameras with HUGE lenses. We’d stumbled into a whale watching group who’d gathered through the power of Facebook to witness the very rare visit of a humpback whale to these shores. Our £20 Argos cheapie binoculars weren’t really up to scratch, but Helen spotted a fin on a couple of occasions so we’re calling it a tick. Regardless, it was really nice to chat to these knowledgeable and enthusiastic people and share a magnificent evening. 

Somewhere in this picture there might be a whale… 

Later, once the crowds had headed for home, we were treated to a spectacular moon rise. 

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