Some two-wheeled fun 

I upgraded my mountain bike a couple of years ago, but found it really didn’t do much to improve my MTBing – I think the problem was that I never got around to getting it out of the garage! 

With a dodgy achilees I finally decided to get back on 2-wheels…

…starting gently with a pootle around Parsley Hay with Mum and Mitzy, taking in a very good pub lunch at The Royal Oak in Hurdlow – recommended if you are passing. 

Followed by a 15 mile loop to blow away the cobwebs. 

Thus reacquainted with the art of cycling, I decided to put me and the new machine through our paces with a loop around Kinder. 

 Along the trans pennine trail, over the woodhead to the cut gate path, down into the Derwent valley then up and over to the Snake and back over the pass into Glossop. About 50km and 1000m of climbing. All pretty good tracks or tarmac apart from the cut gate which is tough going and a tad boggy in places. Stunning views from the top though – hard to believe this wilderness lies just 5 miles from the two main road arteries across the peak. 

A bit of a baptism of fire for my first proper ride “back in the saddle” – I had to stop for a pint in The Snake or I don’t think I’d have made it back over the hill! 

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