Running Hill Pits

We caused great consternation by confessing that this was our first visit to The Pits. The local Greenfield cognesenti couldn’t understand how we’d managed 25 years in the vicinity without a trip. We were just waiting for the right evening!

Rucksack Club evening meet and a good turn out despite earlier rain.

Gorgeous light, great company and good climbing – no giveaways! 

Andy’s lead of Spanner Wall was the high point of the evening (tough even on a top rope) and Jeff’s ascent of Plumb Line was a great effort, despite the dodgy shoulder. Climbing until the sun went down. Grand! 

2 responses to “Running Hill Pits

  1. Wow, swing that light. You’ve never visited before in 25 years and I suspect it’s about that long since I was last there most likely with Ian Helliwell. I’ll be over for a visit fairly soon. Most likely next spring or summer.
    P.S. is the spanner still there?

    • Hi Martin. Great that you are planning to come over – give us plenty of warning! Yup, the spanner is there – it finally broke a few years ago but some enterprising soul welded on a new handle and now it’s better than ever!

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