Just 30 minutes from Turda is the pretty village of Rimetea, a former Hungarian mining community which has been the subject of major renovation of its classical houses and historic church. More importantly, for us at least, it is also surrounded by crags, development of which continues each year when a new batch of routes is added for the annual climbing competition. 

We climbed on the oldest sector, developed in 2004, nearest the village on the ridge line on the left of the picture above. 

You could easily imagine you were climbing in provence in the Alpiles – slabby grey rock relying on spaced pockets and smearing; the only difference being that here the rock still has great friction. 

We did half a dozen routes, 6s and a (desperate) 7. 

Still not really making great headway through the grades on our trip, but there’s plenty of time… Meanwhile, the climbing is certainly taking us to some picturesque places.

… Wandering back into the village we were taken in hand by an elderly couple and taken to see the ancient water mill, which they obviously had great pride in.

We didn’t mention that they know a thing or two about water Mills in our neck of the woods at home! 

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