More Meteora – Doupiani and Adrachti

Helen came up with the brilliant idea of appeasing the weather gods by sacrificing her belay device from the top of yesterday’s route – it seems to have had the desired effect, as it’s a lovely day (though does make multi-pitch climbing a bit more challenging). Our contingency plan is to limit ourselves to max 80m routes, whilst we’re in one-bug mode, with me lowering Helen down routes before rapping myself.

First stop Doupiani, which also had the benefit of being in the shade. We did Ostria and Icarus, each in a single 70m monster pitch. 

Fantastic views from the top of Vulture Wall and the surrounding crags, together with two of the six monasteries.

You can just about make out the only other team we’ve seen climbing all day on the left arête of the tower immediately above the monastery in the picture below.

Here’s a close up – figure in white at about 1/3 height.

Next was a route on the extraordinary balanced spire of Adrachti – translates as spindle and it certainly is spindly! 40m high and only about 5m across at its base, you wonder how much longer it will be there! 

Silken Thread is a brilliant 6b taking a rising traverse to the left arête before finishing around the corner (we missed out on the “edge of all things” stance by doing it in one). Fab route on an amazing piece of rock! 

Here’s a picture of me on top – courtesy of Ivan Mihalev. Thanks Ivan! 

Tomorrow we go in search of a gear shop to see if we can get a new belay device! 

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