For a break from pebble-pulling, and to tie in with a trip to a gear shop in Trikala, we went to investigate the limestone crag at Mouzaki. Awesome spot, about an hour’s drive south of Meteora.

Almost roadside and with a good spread of grades (at least 5c and up) the only downside was it’s in full sun until late afternoon (and it was cracking the flags). Can’t really complain, and the local climbing community has constructed an idyllic platform to maximise the shade options…

… as well as making these beautiful mosaic route name markers:

Great climbing, though the grades are fairly tough (and / or we’re just not in shape yet, which might well be the case). 

Did a couple of excellent 6b/+s Levedis and Pretty Fly, and didn’t manage a couple of 7a/+s.

Meanwhile, we’re back up to a full complement of two belay devices and the weather gods are suitably peeved – it’s lashing it down! 

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