Time to head onwards and southwards, just as the weather turns nice in Meteora 😦 Ho hum… Made for a very scenic drive through hairpins and hill top villages over the Pindus Mountains to eventually arrive at the sparkling Ionian Sea near the pretty town of Mitikas.

Perfect combination of overnight parking spot above a tiny beach, with roadside climbing on massively pocketed rock. We timed our arrival perfectly to coincide with the shade hitting the crag around 3pm and managed to get a few routes in the relative evening coolth (still 25C or thereabouts).

The guidebook author Aris Theodoropolous awards a “musical note” symbol to denote outstanding routes and we did 3 out of 4. A fab 6c with a really tricky long reach for a distant huge pocket, a 6c+ up a long overhanging groove and a tremendous 6a (much more like 6b!) up a line of bulges and huge huecos. 

Retiring to enjoy the sunset at our private one-van resort, were lulled to sleep by the incongruous combination of lapping waves and clanging cow bells. 

Up fairly early we headed back for a few more routes before being driven from the crag by the pounding sun – time for a quick dip! 

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