Vrachokipos and Lelaki

More world class tufa tussles are to be had on these two crags, a couple of km further up the dirt road from Sesi on Mt Hymettus. For once the dilemma of seeking sun or shade is avoided all together – these twin crags sit opposite each other, either side of a wooded valley, facing west and east respectively. We got a few routes done in the shade on Vrachokipos (below in full sun) … 

 before being chased over to Lelaki by big ol’ yellow face.

Both sides feature a tufa strewn cave flanked by walls on either side.

Here’s Jake on Triti Illikia, 7c, which links two huge holes in the roof 

Whilst over on Lelaki here’s a contrasting 7a Gata Tou Siam on crimpy sharp orange rock 

Much more up my street and I managed to lead it in good style. However, perhaps the highlight of the day was the distant  view over the southern suburbs of Athens, the Saronic Gulf and the island of Aegina – fantastic! 

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