Jammerwandl, Baden 

A fairly uneventful trip across Hungary saw us into Austria by mid day and parking on the outskirts of Baden a couple of hours later. Jammerwandl is a somewhat urban crag, just above the road, and from our Internet research looked to be an ideal “drive by” crag to break the journey.

With only a couple of hours of daylight we jumped into action and onto a very polished and quite runout grade V. Grim. Another couple of routes in the vicinity, probably a V and a VI Plattenzauber were equally without any redeeming features. Like the worst of Peak limestone polish without the line, setting or historical interest.

 To be fair, a few of the routes further left looked a bit more promising, but were occupied. Anyway, as soon as the sun went off the face it was perishing and we headed back for our onwards journey. Here’s the topo in case you fancy checking it out, but I’m not sure we’ll be rushing back. 

I’ve got a notional ranking system for crags: World Class; Destination; Stop Over; Drive-By. Jammerwandl merits a new category: Drive On By! 

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