Effels, Nideggen 

For a final night we were looking for somewhere within striking distance of Rotterdam (3 hours or so), not too far out of our way, and with maybe the chance of snatching a final route. More Googling came up with the climbing around Nideggen in  the Effels National Park. Another night in a Gasthof campsite in neighbouring Abenden (not quite so charming but in a gorgeous village, by the river and only €8!) and another misty start.

We decided to take a shufty at the crag, despite the car thermometer saying 1C, and followed a meandering path down a steeply wooded hillside. 

And sure enough found a dozen or so small buttresses of conglomerate / sandstone. Not destination climbing by any means, but looked fun to explore on a different occasion. 

With no signs of the promised break in the fog, we canned plans for climbing and extended our wander to take in the walled town and its 12th century castle. 

Absolutely delightful! 

Sure enough, just as it was time to head for our ferry, a break in the clouds admitted a few rays 

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