Highlights from a Balkan Odyssey 

Back home from our Balkan Odyssey, and a chance to reflect on some of the highlights of a two-month, 10,000km climbing road-trip through Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria to Greece (and back!)

There’s a trip report here: https://doughton.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/balkan-odyssey-greece-roadtrip-through-romania-and-bulgaria.pdf or you can browse the blog posts below:


The trendiest new sports climbing destination on the planet at the moment. Fab rock, great climate and a gorgeous setting by the sea or high in the mountains. Click here for more posts


Amazing conglomerate climbing on towers “suspended in the air” surrounded by perched monasteries Click here for more posts


Away-from-it-all, world-class climbing within 30mins of Greece’s capital – also one or two old buildings that are worth a look 😉 Click here for more posts


Dracula’s castle, horse-drawn carts, stunning gorges and a fair amount of decent cragging. Click here for more posts


Abundant roadside fruit stalls, snow-dusted mountains, multi-pitch adventuring and perhaps the most incredible climbing venue I’ve ever seen, under “the Eyes of God” Click here for more posts


It’s not just Leonidio – the whole area is chock-full of great climbing from Patras to Sparta, and not forgetting Kyparissi “the next Leonidio”? Click here for more posts

… Not to mention a heap of sea, sand, shooting stars and sunsets

… some awesome sends

… and the occasional sundowner

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